to prepare your PELVIC FLOOR for an 
Are you NEWLY PREGNANT with your first baby?
I know how overwhelming it can be when you are just over your first trimester, and all of a sudden you feel flooded with information from everywhere. From unsolicited maternity advice to scary birth stories from people you don't even know, it seems like everyone has an opinion about what you should or should not do to prepare for birth. Sounds familiar? 

As a Pelvic Health Physiotherapist specializing in pre and postnatal care, I have helped more than a thousand of my clients feel physically and mentally prepared to create a positive birth experience. The information I am about to share with you is going to transform the way you approach your birth and actually make you feel EXCITED and EMPOWERED about it.

Because there ARE things you can do during pregnancy to create a first positive birth experience. If my first-time mom clients were able to do it, you are no different! And you know what, they all started like you, with ZERO knowledge about the pelvic floor. 

Are you ready for this transformation? 

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    Hi! I am Sophie and I am a Pelvic Health Physiotherapist who specializes in pre & postnatal care. I am also the mom of a lovely boy who was born in August 2022 ❤️

    Since 2015, I have helped more than a thousand of my clients prepare their body for birth, as well as returning to their active lifestyle postpartum without pelvic health symptoms.

    I have also tested my approach through my own maternity journey and felt so privileged to have this knowledge during pregnancy, labour and postpartum - I honestly would have felt so lost without it! I had a very positive first birth experience and I attribute a lot of it to the tools I teach to my clients!

    Let's be clear: I do not want you to end up like your mom, your grandma or your aunt, still peeing your pants every time you sneeze or jump, 30 years after the birth of your child. You deserve better than that, and I can help you!

    I am so excited to teach you all about it!!

    Enjoy the book!

    What our clients say about our program

    There is a lot of information out there about what to expect, but your program gave me the agency to understand my body and do things to be proactive leading up to my birth. 
    Not all hospitals have the best latest practices when it comes to birth, so having access to that through your program really makes a huge difference. 
    I would recommend this program to everybody. We need to know that stuff, pregnant people! It is such fundamental information to know about your body and the process. 
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