for an EASY RETURN TO SPORTS after birth 
Are you an ACTIVE mom-to-be 
As a newly pregnant mama who thrives when being active, you are probably worried about the impact of pregnancy and birth on your active lifestyle, am I wrong? 

The reason I know this, is that I am also an outdoor lover and super active mama. And when I was pregnant with my son, I was super anxious about losing that lifestyle and my ability to engage in physical activities because of chronic birth injuries and pelvic floor problems. The number of times I had heard moms saying "things will never be the same down there once you give birth"  were not helping to soothe my worries, and I found myself going down the rabbit hole of anxiety.

 Fortunately though, I had so many positive stories from the active mamas in my online program who had done all the work to prepare their body for birth and to recover after birth, and had amazing results. Back to their sports and activities within a few months after birth, with no symptoms whatsoever. I really anchored myself in these women's stories, and followed their path step-by-step. 

And look at me now, skiing while pulling my little one in the pulk behind me, biking with a heavy chariot, hiking with 40 pounds on my shoulders, no problem!

I'm here to empower you to get this transformation as well, because living an active outdoorsy lifestyle with your family is going to be hands down the best thing that has happened to you, I firmly believe this. 

But in order to do so, you need to feel strong and good in your body. You also need to have the right support and education through pregnancy, birth and postpartum to support your active lifestyle goals.

Are you ready??

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    Hi! My name is Sophie and I am a Pelvic Health Physiotherapist who specializes in maternity care, specifically for active outdoorsy women! My mission is to help active moms-to-be have injury-free birth so they can confidently return to their active outdoor lifestyle as a family without having any pelvic health issues in the way! 

    The reason why I'm so passionate about this mission is because being active in the outdoors is the core of who I am as well. It is a pillar in my life at so many levels, and if it was taken away from me I don't know what I would become. So I totally get why you want to put all the chances on your side to make sure you can get back to that lifestyle in a smooth way after birth, because living an outdoor lifestyle is the best thing ever!

    I went through the maternity journey myself in 2022, and with all the preparation work I did, I had the most beautiful birth experience with very minimal injuries. This allowed me to return to mountain biking very early after birth, as well as skiing (while pulling my son in a pulk!), hiking, and paddling. And because of the rehabilitation work I did after birth, I am back to all of these activities without any pelvic health symptoms, which I am so grateful for!! 

    Experiencing the outdoor lifestyle with our son and going on family adventures has been the best thing that's happened to me, and all I want for you and your new family is the same. Because it truly creates the best memories ever.

    I hope my content will make you feel excited about living an active lifestyle as a new family, because it is definitely possible with the right preparation and support. 

    And my story is not the only one to inspire you - there are so many other testimonials from the mamas in my program to back this up :)

    Hope you enjoy the book!

    What our clients say about our program

    To be honest my results were so amazing: I had no tears and I was able to go back to my sports after 3 months.
    I am a very physically active person, and I had no idea what to do after birth and how to start with. Just the fact that you had exercises laid out week by week, took all the questions away.

    I am really happy to say that my recovery has been really great, I have gone back to all the activities I was doing before, including crossfit, with no symptoms.
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